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Ask A Lawyer For Legal Advice Concerning Employment

For regular and contractual employees, having a job that puts food on the table is a blessing already so most of them don’t even know what the FLSA is? FYI, that’s the Fair Labor Standard Act, which is only the authority when it comes to employment guidelines.

Although the minimum wage regularly increases, that is probably the only thing that an employee is really sure of. That is why asking a lawyer for legal advice is very crucial for your future; it might be the difference between the employee getting fired and receiving nothing return and receiving fair compensation for services rendered.

lawyer for legal advice

Employee Rights

Here’s a couple of employee rights that you might not know:

Overtime Pay – Imagine a scenario when you have already given your 40 hours that week and ready for a great weekend with the family. Your boss then calls you and asks if you can work tomorrow on your day off because some big clients are coming over for an emergency board meeting. Even though you can legally decline, you don’t want to disappoint your employer so you said yes. The overtime rate that you will receive (after already working 40 hours that week) will be equal to 1.5 times your regular rate.

Leaves of Absence – If you work for a company with more than 50 employees, you can avail of up to 12 weeks of leave for various medical reasons; such as a new child, care for sick spouse or kid, and many others. Take note that these leaves are not paid but the good news is your job is protected and the employer cannot legally fire you for those leaves.

Not Required

Lunch and Rest Breaks – Contrary to popular knowledge and assumptions, the federal law does not require the employer to provide breaks. However, it is an absolute given that people need to eat and rest so it is the employee’s responsibility to learn what his benefits are when it concerns the breaks. It’s also important to note that some states do require one 30-minute lunch break (unpaid) when the worker’s shift is longer than six hours, plus a 10-minute break for every four hours of work rendered.

Pay Raises – FLSA does not require the company to raise the salary of the employee. This is usually an agreement between the employer and the employee and regularly put in the contract so there is an exact number to work around. Employers routinely do this to get the services of the best possible employees.

Labor Law

In every democratic and non-communist country, there is always an Employment or Labor Law; and though it may be called by another name, they all contain similar and relatively familiar employer-employee situations. There are guidelines that are applied to the labor force in the whole country, and there are also certain unique employment rules for each state.

The Employment Law manages the complete relationship between employer and employee, or company and employee. Things like the hiring and interview process, job descriptions, pay rate, benefits, evaluation periods and many other policies involving both parties.

ask a lawyer for legal advice

Lawyer For Legal Advice

We can’t possibly cover all the employment rules and legalities within one article so the best next step for you would be to ask a lawyer for legal advice concerning your rights as an employee.

Who knows, maybe you might be surprised to find out that you actually have a right to some matters that you initially thought you didn’t? Find a lawyer that has an extensive background in handling employment laws and get their advice on how to have the best employment experience ever, visit this site now., LLC
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