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Car Maintenance and Repair with Instamek

InstaMek, short for instant mechanic is the preferred company for car maintenance and repair. They offer a convenient service for clients as they bring the repair shop straight to your place. Wherever you are located – your home, office or in the middle of the road, mechanics of Instamek will where you are when you need help and assistance.

No need to rush your vehicle to the nearest vehicle repair shop. All you need is to dial InstaMek and they will come to you and attend to your car’s needs. Car repair and maintenance is not easy. But with InstaMek, your car’s problems are solved. Why trust InstaMek?

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Analytical Expertise

Repairing a vehicle is not as easy as 1, 2, and 3. It takes analytical expertise to understand the issues of your vehicle. If you’re wondering what the main problem is and you don’t have any idea how to figure things out, worry no more as InstaMek has trained and skilled mechanics that will handle the work for you.

These mechanics do not only have the skill set, but also the important tools, equipment, methods and systems to easily determine what’s wrong with your car. They have a complex diagnostic method that will make car repair and maintenance easier and simpler. This is to make sure that your vehicle is one safe hands and that they will be returned back to you well, good and fully-repaired.

Certified Auto Mechanics

It is very unlikely to trust someone to fix your car if the person doesn’t know what he or she is doing. Instead of repairing the vehicle, the person might further cause problems. As the owner, you don’t want to make matters worse. You want the best solution, performed in the quickest time not compromising the quality of service.

With Instamek, all their auto mechanics are certified. This is to guarantee you as clients that your vehicles will really be taken-cared of. The mechanics are veterans in their field with 10-30 years of experience. Needless to say that they will value your car as much as you do. For sure, with InstaMek’s auto mechanics, everything is under control and that your vehicle will be ready and fixed as soon as possible.

Insurance Plan

The last reason why InstaMek is the car repair and maintenance that’s recommended is because of the insurance plan that they are offering. While some repair companies don’t offer this package, there are some that do and that gives them an advantage as vehicle repair shops.

InstaMek’s insurance plan covers repair and maintenance expense as well as labor costs. With 12 months/20000 km warranty plan, you don’t need to worry when your car bogs down. It is automatically under the wings of InstaMek and you can be certain that they will handle your car with utmost care. If there are parts that need to be replaced, InstaMek will change them with original equipment manufacturer making sure that your car will be in a much better condition that it was.

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Instant Work with InstaMek

Time frame is always a concern every time your vehicle needs servicing. However, with InstaMek as your trusted car repair and maintenance company, they will return your car well and running in the fastest possible time. How can you avail of Instamek’s services?
1. Schedule a Mechanic – With InstaMek, wherever you are and whatever trouble your car is experiencing, their auto mechanics will go straight to your location. Call their customer service number and describe your vehicle’s problems. Their customer service staff will give you the quotation that you can accept or reject.
2. Mechanics Rescue You – No need to go to the repair shop. Let the repair shop come to you. InstaMek’s auto mechanics will bring the necessary tools and equipment to fix your car. Call InstaMek and they will come for your rescue.
3. Easy Payment Option – Cashless transactions are made possible with InstaMek. All you need is to pay with your credit once you have booked a mechanic. This is to make their services more accessible and convenient for you.
When your car experiences another issue, don’t let it ruin your day. InstaMek is the car repair and maintenance company to call and to trust, get more info here.


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