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Why You Should Purchase the Sky TV Hub

Sky TV in the UK has newly introduced their latest broadband wireless router that is specifically intended to work beside the Sky+ HD box to open a full multitude of extra features.

Even if you have yet to sign up to Sky TV, the Sky home hub will give you a secure Wi-Fi connection and unlimited broadband for a very affordable price.

This is Sky-TV’s first attempt at a wireless router of their own and innovative it is. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for why you should look at the new Sky Hub wireless router.

What Does the Sky Hub Cost

What Does the Sky Hub Cost?

The Sky Hub is very affordable, and you do not need a technician to install it. The Sky Hub does not offer considerably improved download speeds over its forerunner, it does make for an incredibly beautiful piece of hardware in your home, and it is white and has a super sleek modern design.

Sky TV claims that the hub is their greatest wireless router due to its Smart Signal technology that ensures you always receive the most significant signal in every part of your home.

Users that are in need of efficient downloads have the option of turning off the unit’s Wi-Fi and using it only as a modem to connect to a third party router with increased aptitudes.

If for any reason you have issues, sky tv customer service offers some of the best support available to consumers.

One of the hub’s main features is its ability to connect to the Sky+ HD making it easy to access items on demand. This is a bright feature that many people have anticipated..

Is the Sky TV Hub Difficult to Set Up?

Setting up the Sky TV Hub is unbelievably simple, and even novice internet users should be able to complete the steps without too much trouble.

The hub’s simplistic design extends to its technical specs, one of the biggest downfalls being that it does not contain USB ports. This is one of the largest disappointments for some users who are used to previous models.

Why Should You Buy It Now

Why Should You Buy It Now?

Sky TV has truly outdone themselves with their new user-friendly router. If you have yet to join Sky TV or Sky+ HD, you should check out their website today.

With Sky TV you have many options available as far as channel packages and internet. The packages offered to pair Sky-TV, and their personalized router is like no other on the market.

If you are looking for the latest in technology and the fastest internet speeds available in the UK, Sky-TV beats out even the best competitors on the market.

For more information on packages available, you can contact SKY sales directly or on their website at They also just released their New Premier League channel for all you footballer fans out there.

Making this option the best pair for keeping up with the latest in UK sports, at the fastest speeds around.